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Ted Wilson

I have known Chris King since 1977, when he was a student at the now defunct string instrument making school in Abertridwr, and I was a member of the Orchestra of Welsh National Opera. It is with the greatest pleasure that I have observed Cardiff Violins grow and become such a great asset to Cardiff, British and internationally based string players. During the past 35 years Chris has never lost sight of the fact that as pupils usually start playing with a small size, modest instrument, they then grow and need a larger instrument and if sufficient progress is made a fine instrument might be purchased. Cardiff Violins offer an excellent trade in scheme which allows pupils to upgrade to larger and better quality instruments. Over the past 35 years I have been delighted with this service. The variety of instruments available at Cardiff Violins is large. The cheapest instrument I have ever bought for a pupil cost £35 and an ex pupil of mine recently purchased a fine old Italian instrument at a cost which would have bought a reasonable house in Wales! As well as instrument sales, Cardiff Violins has an onsite workshop. Here new instruments are correctly prepared for sale and other instruments are repaired. I have always found the quality of work to be excellent. There are numerous rooms at Cardiff Violins where instruments and bows can be played, at your leisure in pleasant surroundings. Dear Chris and Cecile, I hope you will continue to look after us for many more years.