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Cardiff Violins are dedicated to promoting, encouraging and publicising the work of those who keep alive the long tradition of violin and bow making. Following in the footsteps of their illustrious predecessors, they offer you quality instruments at affordable prices.

We are privileged to work in partnership with a number of contemporary makers, and have many new instruments in stock.

We have noticed an increasing demand for new instruments over the years, and many professional musicians now request appointments to try exclusively new instruments. If you have not tried new instruments yet, please think about it, as it would open up a vast new world to you. The work of many new makers is comparable to the work of renowned makers from the past, and you may find an instrument that possesses all of the characteristics you desire, at a far lower price than an antique instrument that is qualitatively similar.

Time spent with our range of new instruments will demonstrate to you the exceptional level of performance that can be achieved with a contemporary instrument. By booking one of our trying out rooms, you can try each of our instruments within your price range, with no pressure from us to buy (our staff do not get paid commission), and you can take several instruments home with you for up to one week (terms and conditions apply) for further consideration and for the opinion of your teacher if you wish. You have nothing to lose in booking an appointment with us to try our new instruments, and like many happy customers, could leave with an instrument that will assist you in your musical endeavours all your life. Call 029 20 227761 or email to discuss appointments.

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