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Instruments are not just “things”…musicians often have a deep affection for their instrument.  Many of our customers tell us it has taken years to come to terms with selling a beloved instrument, as parting with a long-term companion can feel like a betrayal.  Many musicians have felt they were throwing away cherished and treasured memories.  Instruments are often cherished by the whole family, having been purchased by older relatives many years ago, and it can be a daunting task to find a new home for them.  Musicians often prefer selling through a shop rather than via an impersonal auction. We see hundreds of people looking for their dream instrument every year, and we specialize in matching people and instruments, so your instrument might be of interest to us. We offer two options:

1) Commission sale

Providing your instruments are in perfect order and set-up to our standards, we can offer them for sale on commission.  When your instrument sells, you will receive a return of 76% (20% commission + VAT at 20%) of the total price once the sale is complete.  If repairs, restoration or a set-up are required to bring the instrument to selling standard, this will have to be paid for upon leaving the instrument with us and the work will be completed before your instrument is presented for sale.  Unfortunately, we can’t give you any indication as to how long it will take for your instrument to sell, as this is highly variable.   We don’t charge a handling fee and you are free to take your instrument back at any time. The instrument or bow must be insured by yourself until it is sold. We insure it if we lend it out on a trial basis but it is insured by yourself whilst in the shop.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not take instruments for sale on commission below £2,000.

2) Sale on presentation of goods

If your instrument is of potential interest to us but needs a lot of money spending on it prior to being offered for sale, you may prefer selling it in its current condition, avoid the expense, and get an immediate return.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the above only applies to antique instruments and modern instruments by individual makers. New factory or workshop instruments may be part-exchanged if they originally came from us. If not, we may or may not be able to part-exchange them, but please do bring them in to ask us. We do not buy instruments back.

Can’t bring your instrument in to us?

If you are unable to visit us in person, we can send you a case for your instrument and organise collection by courier. It will be supplied with packaging and instructions to secure the instrument. The cost to you is £20 for the delivery of the packaging and the trip back to Cardiff.  It will be a further £20 if we return the instrument to you.  This is to be paid prior to us sending the parcel off.

If you have photographs of your relative or friend playing the instrument you are presenting to us, or any pictures of past musical events (up to the 1950s), we would be grateful if you were happy to let us copy them for our shop photo gallery. We are keen to preserve the memory of musical life in the early 20th century in the country.