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Carol Paige

I am lucky enough to be the playing the beautiful Brandini violin that belongs to Eleanor. I am so enjoying playing the instrument, getting to know it and hearing it open out more and more as time passes.  The violin has such an interesting sound which for me is so exciting and I am still finding new colours as each day passes.  Just before Christmas, I noticed that the instrument had opened up slightly on one of the shoulders so this has been glued now – pretty inevitable for older instruments as they get used to being played again I imagine?  I have been using Evah Pirrazzi strings on the violin but have just treated myself to a Christmas present of their new ‘Evah Pirazzi Gold’ strings. These have gone on today and I can’t wait to see how they settle in as one of my colleagues raves about them.  Many thanks for sourcing and selling such a beautiful instrument to Eleanor and Ray, it has made so much difference to my playing.

Eleanor & Ray, Violin Owners

We are so glad that Carol is finding that the Brandini is making such a difference to her playing, as this was the intention, to give a player an instrument that would allow them to progress their talent in a way that they could not afford without such help. We would encourage others, who are deciding how to invest some money at this time of uncertain markets, to consider doing the same.