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Patricia Nowak

I have known Cecile and Chris for a long time. They have always been helpful and lovely to talk to. I was particularly pleased with how they renovated my Andrzej Kalata violin.

The ribs of the violin were in a quite poor state so I was delighted when Chris added wooden parts. This did not affect the sound, which might occasionally happen if it is not done correctly.

Also, Chris covered the top of the violin with wood varnish. I am impressed with this improvement because it is matching nicely the original look of the violin and now it is impossible to see any marks on the violin, which were left after practising.

I had problems in the past with my chin-rest, as it was uncomfortable while practising. I had full help from the staff in Cardiff Violins to find a new and comfortable chin-rest. I had the opportunity to try different options and was provided with good advice.

Also, I appreciated support in choosing a new bridge for the violin. This improved the sound of the violin and I was given instructions on how to keep the bridge of the violin in good condition for a longer period of time. The French type of bridge was chosen, which was similar to my previous one.

I had some adjustments done in relation to pegs as well. In the past, it was quite hard to tune quickly, but now they are working smoothly.

My violin received a polished look, after special cleaning. It looks really great at the moment, I have to say.

Finally, Chris helped me with my bow too. The previous frog of the bow was damaged and Chris found a matching frog, which not only looks better, but more importantly is pleasant to use.

Whilst having the renovation done, the pad and hair in the bow were changed too. I can say that it is much better to hold the bow with the new pad and I am pleased with the hair in the bow as well.

I would certainly recommend Cardiff Violins! Cécile and Chris are really welcoming and provide an excellent atmosphere for musicians and I am impressed with the quality and speed of their renovations.