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“Good news! The [high] chinrest has really helped me think about the balance and posture of my shoulders and violin. There has been a large reduction in pain in longer practising hours. Because I only use a shoulder pad and no real shoulder rest, it was really important to try this and it is working great”.
Greg Mascherino, Germany

Many players report improved technical ability and less discomfort whilst playing after carefully selecting both their chin rest and shoulder rest to ensure they fit optimally.

People’s physical proportions vary greatly; we stock a broad range of chin rests (including high chin rests) and shoulder rests to ensure we can provide something to suit everyone. We recommend booking an appointment to try the large range of chin rests and shoulder rests available, to ensure you are able to play with the greatest level of ease and comfort possible. The first half-hour is free of charge, and every subsequent 15 minutes costs £5. Call 02920 227761 to book your appointment.

Trial box scheme

If you are unable to visit the shop for an appointment we offer a high chin-rest trial box scheme. Order any quantity of high chin-rests from our online shop (limited to one per model) or call us on 02920 227761 and we will post them to you immediately. All chin-rests returned to us will be refunded.  Please note the time limit to return them is strictly two weeks.  Postage costs won’t be refunded. If you’re ordering from outside of the UK please contact us via email to order at and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

Order high chin rests here

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that the chin-rests return to us safely, as we will not refund anything lost in the post. Sending them with registered post, or signed and tracked with compensation ensures you won’t risk losing money.

Our high chin-rests are 10mm higher than standard chin rests; if you require an even higher chin rest please call 02920 227761 to place an order.  Delivery of custom orders will take several months.  Our chin rests are made from dehumidified ebony (dehumidified ebony is more durable).   We no longer supply rosewood chin rests as it is now a protected wood for which there are now restrictions on travelling with. Boxwood chin-rests can be ordered, paid in advance; delivery will take several months.