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Hello! I’m Lara. Just over a year ago (March 2023), I purchased my first cello with you. I had never played before and you were all very helpful in assisting me with the start of my cello journey. My most exciting development is that next week I will be starting on The Swan with my teacher (who also adores your shop). I really just wanted this to be another big thank you email. Your motivation to begin the cello was what got me started, and it has given me more joy than I could have ever imagined. The musical community is truly a beautiful place, and it was thanks to you all that I was able to join it. I’m now a year strong and looking forward to a life time of this. I will be going to university in October, and I am fortunate to be going to one with an extensive musical scene. Thank you so much! Lara x


Dear Ellie, Mark, Dan and Cecile Thank you for the work that you carried out on my viola & bow, and my violin. It was a real treat to be a customer at Cardiff Violins! The sort of venue I could spend days in! With kindest and warmest regards, Horst

Horst Holstein

My 13 year ald daughter needed to buy a bow, and we didn't know where to start. Her violin teacher said "Go to Cardiff Violins - they'll help you!" We booked an appointment, serviced the violin and went into an impresive practice room floor to ceiling with violins of all sizes. Amy advised us and gave us hints an tips on how to choose, and we tried out around 20 bows in our price range. Having norrowed it down to 4 - we were able to loan these for a week to consult with our violin teacher at home. The service, advice, knowledge and friendliness of the staff were amazing. We learnt so much in our appointment and Amy made us feel at ease from the go, and just made the whole process so much easier! Thank you all at Cardiff Violins for helping us and allowing my daughter to continue her musical journey with the best kit!

Branwen, Aberystwyth

Found myself back at Cardiff Violins as I was sure I would and they have rescued me once again with Mark, Joe, Alecio and Cecile solving all my problems ! Thanks so much to you all. I’m so delighted with the work Joe did on my fiddle and so happy with the Coruss rehair. Back in January I decided to take the plunge and try a Coruss bow rehair... wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but now a total convert. Coruss has exactly the bite, bounce and tone that best horse hair does without the exploitation of animals. That fact alone would have convinced me to love it, but added to that, the initial rehair lasted 7 months without the loss of a single hair, or discolouration. I would have usually needed at least one if not 2 rehairs in that time. At the start I was a bit concerned that the special Coruss Rosin would be more messy to use, being stickier than traditional rosin, but I’ve found that it’s less powdery when being used and dusts off extremely easily from the fiddle leaving no stickiness on the wood whatsoever. ❤️❤️ Previously about a year ago : Cardiff Violins really helped me out last week with a very last minute rehair - which is a great one - and a bow out to trial whilst the rehair was being done. Everyone very friendly and so helpful, thanks one and all, will definitely be back for repair in the future and would definitely recommend 👍😊👍😊

Juliet Leighton-Jones

Dear Joe and Mark at Cardiff Violins,
We just wanted to say an enormous thank you for repairing my daughter's violin at such short notice on Saturday 22nd April 2023. The exceptional service in time to play at the University Orchestra concert on Saturday night is really appreciated. Joe - the violin plays really well with the new bridge and E string. A genuinely great experience all round including the opportunity to play carefully selected violins for possible future purchase, by the incredibly helpful and knowledgeable Mark, whilst waiting for final adjustments. Once again, thank you so much. Looking forward to visiting again next time we are in Cardiff!"          

A grateful parent

Happy to tell you...the CodaBow arrived!  And I'm loving it already :   The bow matches so well with my Mezzo-Forte violin; beyond my expectations.  It brings so much more subtlety and color to the instrument, and I hope to have many years of pleasure from the combination.   That little glitch in shipping made the arrival of the bow even more exciting. Thank you for being so wonderful in the process of helping me select my new violin bow.   Warm regards Joel  

Joel Stein, USA

I just moved recently to Cardiff to join the BBC NOW and I am extremely happy I found Cardiff Violins. I had insurance valuations made, big repairs to my violins, purchased a lovely Nurnberger violin bow from them and most recently I had a good bow rehair done by Alecio and it just great. Everyone is really friendly at the shop and you will always get honest advice from them. Thanks Cécile, Jo, Alecio, Mark and everyone else there.

Juan Gonzales, BBC NOW
First violin, BBC NOW

The shipwreck I brought you has reached North Wales again in a noticeably rejuvenated state! Dan and whoever contributed to this deserve my sincere thanks. The packaging was the best I have ever seen for a violin shipment, so good that the instrument was still perfectly in tune when it arrived. It's unbelievable how much the sound improved thanks to your magic! Yesterday I played the same piece on two violins to a couple of friends and they both agreed that the violin with the 'Cardiff Violins' treatment was vastly superior! You have all done a wonderful job and I wish to thank you for this. I shall gladly recommend your professional services.

Urs Bucher, North Wales