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The benefits that have led so many musicians to switch to using Coruss synthetic bow hair:

  •        Durability: Unlike horsehair, Coruss is very durable.  Its innate resistance to heat and humidity slows its lengthening, allowing a rehair to last a least three times as long as horsehair.
  •        Preservation: Do you store a spare hank in case an emergency rehair is needed when travelling?  Coruss hair doesn’t degrade like horsehair when stored for long periods, so your spare hank will last a lot longer, and will not be attacked by wooly-bears, as horsehair often is.
  •        Choice of colour: Coruss is available in white, black and a range of colours.
  •        Strength: Coruss hair is far less likely to break when playing than horsehair.
  •        Ethically sourced: Coruss bow hair is completely synthetic.  Horses from which horsehair is obtained are often treated poorly.
  •        Horsehair supply issues: Horsehair is currently harder to obtain due to the deaths of many horses in Mongolia and Siberia because of climate change.  Coruss hair performs just as well as horsehair providing a reliable alternative.
  •        Practicality: Coruss is strung in exactly the same way as horsehair.
  •        Tone: In blind tests, even professional musicians can’t distinguish Coruss hair from horsehair. Coruss is capable of producing subtle dynamics without any tonal distortion.

Sarah Markle,  Charlotte Symphony

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Rosin for Coruss

The texture of Coruss hair is far smoother than horsehair. Consequently, it requires stickier rosin than horsehair does. Previously, we have advised Coruss users to apply a base coat of Pops rosin to their bow hair, followed by Evah Pirazzi Gold, or their preferred rosin. We now recommend all Coruss users to purchase Coruss rosin. Coruss rosin is suitable for violin, viola. cello and double bass. Of course, if you have Pops and Evah Pirazzi and are happy with the combination, it is fine.

Order Coruss rosin here


Coruss synthetic/vegan hair

Coruss is strung in the same way as horsehair, but please check with your luthier if they’re willing to use Coruss before placing an order.

For those who live outside of Cardiff who wish to have their bow rehaired by us, we offer a rehair by post service.  Send your bow via post or courier.  Please fill in the following form and send it with the bow: Right click here to save form.

Please make sure you send your bow in a solid container such as a drain pipe. Wrap it gently in bubble wrap, ensuring it isn’t overtightened, as this can result in your bow bending during transport. Don’t use cardboard tubes as they aren’t strong enough.

Order Coruss hair here

International Orders

Please send your order details, name, address, phone number and email address to  and we will send you a Paypal invoice.  Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive confirmation of payment.