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“As a principal professional violinist, I am approached so often by music students who want help with audition repertoire, concert programmes and orchestral pieces they are finding difficult. I love helping out these musicians musically, helping them find their own career path and introducing them to other professional musicians who can help them in the daunting world of music.

So in 2015, I founded Musical Orbit, linking up professional musicians from all over the world with anyone who needs them. We help all musicians from amateurs preparing for music courses and concerts, people wanting regular lessons where there is no teacher of the right standard/instrument near them to young professionals starting out in the world needing help, advice and stylisitic tuition from the best pros in the business.

Many of our lessons are online, through home computers and tablets. We use video conferencing software which, thanks to the recent advances in technology and broadband internet, provides a clear picture and good sound so that very detailed work can be done without people having to leave home. Not only does this, of course, save time and money but it actually gives people opportunities to work with musicians they would never normally be able to meet.

Click the image to open a video explaining how Musical Orbit’s online lessons work


Not all our lessons are online, some people are able to make the journey to the teacher they want and we find them the most suitable professional musician for them from the thousands of musicians in the country. We have musicians for all orchestral instruments and voice. If you can’t find the teacher you want to learn with on our site, let us know we’ll find one to suit you.

Whether you want a lesson from a pro musician for a special occasion or regular lessons, just drop us an email at or visit us at so we can find you the perfect musician to guide you on your own musical journey.”

Nicole Wilson