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Josh Clarke

Cardiff Violins was recommended to me by several of my fellow string players in North Devon, and having now been there myself I could not recommend them more!  All the staff were so open, kind and patient.  My chin rest fitting was dealt with on a highly individual basis and the staff took care and genuine concern to ensure that I left with the correct set up on my viola.  All the staff are highly knowledgeable and willing to help in any way they can whilst being incredibly approachable and most accommodating.  Cardiff Violins itself is utterly stunning, inspiring and easy to get to if it’s your first time to Cardiff! I came to Cardiff Violins with a viola which wouldn’t sit correctly and would cause me great physical pain to play, and left with the most comfortable set up imaginable, a huge smile on my face and with the confidence that I can approach my upcoming conservatoire auditions pain-free and with excitement! Thank you so much to everyone at Cardiff Violins!