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Jan Tyrrell

It’s here!

I have never been so excited, I even cancelled a hair appointment as I wanted to be here when it arrived. I have only played a few notes… what an amazing wonderful sound, I cannot believe the difference. The sweetest sound, and it is mine!

I had to stop to write this to let you know how fabulous this is to me. I have tears in my eyes because I never thought I could find such a lovely violin, with such a wonderful tone, let alone own one.

The bow too feels perfect in my hand, I used to judder slightly, but don’t seem to now, it has such a great balance to it.

I have only been playing for 6 weeks now, I find it hard but so rewarding. This violin makes me just know inside that I will learn how to play it well, no matter how hard or how long it takes. It makes me feel so happy and alive that no matter how hard or sad things sometimes get, this violin will lift and inspire me.

I don’t know if this all sounds over the top, but it isn’t to me, it is the most fabulous day for many a year and will affect me for many to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You knew what I needed Cecile and you have made sure I got it.