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Connor Gricmanis

Finding the right instrument for one’s self is probably the hardest thing to do for a musician. I have always taken the violin seriously, it’s something I’m completely devoted to – I want to study the violin as far as I can, and I want to be a professional musician. Not only has looking for ‘The Right Violin’ been a long, exhausting journey all over the UK, it has also been a huge emotional journey. Stringed Instruments are not cheap. When I started violin lessons with Michael Bochmann (leader of the English String Orchestra) I realised I needed an instrument that could give a promising tone, and help me advance as a soloist. After about a year-and-a-half of searching for ‘The Right Violin’, I found Cardiff Violins. We gave them a ring, and we shortly agreed on a day to try out the stock of violins. After being disheartened after visiting so many other violin shops, I thought the same would happen again.

How wrong I was. I was greeted SO warmly by the entire team, and they made me feel at home. I was so impressed by the amount of instruments they had in stock. The atmosphere was brilliant, and I was very relaxed whilst playing numerous violins – the service, and the advice I was given by everyone who works there was so wonderful, and I’m ever so grateful for it. In the end, I found ‘The Right Violin’. An Alfred Vincent, 1936. The condition and tone were perfect. But, that worried me! The price! I had the awful feeling it would be over our budget. Yet again, I was wrong. The price was within our budget – it made me realise that Cardiff Violins give honest prices, advice, and opinions on their instruments. Quality instruments, quality prices, and quality service. I have made a wonderful friendship with the team from Cardiff Violins! I can’t wait to take my violin everywhere! I haven’t had it long, but it’s got a very fun life ahead of it.