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Mrs A T, Kobe, Japan





















I am a proud owner of 3 violins and 2 bows, purchased from Cardiff Violins with Miki’s help.  They all have different characters and I like them very much.


The violin that I play mainly is the Hill, which is the first violin I bought from Cardiff Violins.  I particularly like the quality of sound on its E string.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It gives such pure sound that travels through the air.   The more I play, the better it gets everyday.  I can achieve good precise sound on high positions too.

I am very glad that I asked Miki to bring the Hill violin back to Japan.

Recently, I have become the  proud owner of  a Tobin violin.  There is depth in its sound that is extremely beautiful.

Also, the whole instrument feels so good.  It is very compatible to my hand, that is so comfortable to play. All strings have got beautiful quality of sound and it is easy to make the music  sing.


Cardiff Violins sent me the sound of 2 instruments via internet all the way from Cardiff to Japan.  I could listen to the sound of 2 instruments over and over again, that allowed me to compare carefully.  I was confident that I made a good informed decision.  It was great and I am satisfied.


I am happy with the Gewa case and little accessories.

With Miki’s great effort, I am lucky enough to own the Tobin despite the fact that I live in Japan, which is nearly 6000 miles away from Cardiff!  I very much appreciate her consistent effort and customer service that she has provided for many years.


I also bought the Vuillaume  violin from Cardiff Violins.  It has got a different sound to the Hill and Tobin violins and I play it now and  again, when I want to hear  a different sound.

I also bought a Spiccato  carbon fibre bow and a Dodd bow.  I use them both frequently and they work very well.

The only inconvenience I can mention is that despite wonderful modern technology which we have today, Britain is still far away from Japan, and I can’t have such a thing as “just a quick look by Chris” or easily take them for a repair to Cardiff.

For example, there was a trouble incident at customs when the Dodd bow had to travel between Japan and the UK, back and forth for a repair.  They demanded VAT and handling fee although the bow was exempt from import/export item.

Fortunately, it was dealt with and there was a happy ending.