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Wyn Davies

I would like to thank all at Cardiff Violins for their help in supplying a superb cello.

It was my first visit to Cardiff Violins and a few Saturdays ago my wife Jayne and I set off to have a ‘Reccy’.  I think it is relevant to note that I am predominantly a woodwind player who has always wanted a cello and I really have an extremely limited knowledge of stringed instruments and can barely play a few notes on the cello. To make matters worse, I had already bought a relatively inexpensive cello, got myself a teacher and was fast beginning to realise I had not bought the right cello for me.

Cardiff Violins is on the balcony floor in the Castle Arcade which in itself has something of an old world ambience.  As you enter the shop you get an old world personal service … we got to meet Katja first, I explained I wanted to have a browse at some cellos (sounds better than celli) and amidst a most welcoming smile Jayne and I were shown to the cello room.  Katja explained the various cellos which they had … starting with those of good quality but at a more affordable cost and we worked through the cellos in the room with Katja playing several of these for me, but I wasn’t quite taken. Katja said that there was a cello in the other room that had come back off loan and asked if I would like to see it.  What followed was Katja playing an absolute masterclass on what is now my new cello!  I could see by Jayne’s face that she was as convinced as me and that agreeing to buy ‘Leonora’ was a straight forward choice.

Katja discussed with me how I would like the cello set up and we went down to meet Cecile and Chris who own Cardiff Violins.  I was telephoned on the Tuesday by Cecile to say that my cello was ready and went in to collect it.

The new cello is superbly set up and I am delighted with it.  I had a relaxed and pleasant buying experience, Chris and Cecile are very laid back and clearly know their stuff and a big thank you to Katja!