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Danielle Bruckert

I had only ever played student cellos, and had been looking into an upgrade for some years, but lived in two countries without cellos and without weather for cellos. Fate, a long weekend, Luis and Clark, and Cardiff Violins came into my life, and I finally have a great instrument that will endure the weather and my progression.

Here are some brief notes on my experience:
I was so impressed by two points, Chris and Cecile made me feel at home, and since I was so nervous, this was the best treatment I could expect; I had my own room, and even my own coffee mug. Second I was amazed at how they treated all clients the same, whether you were coming to buy a £6,000 Cello or a £5 piece of rosin, they treated everyone the same, and I thought this was really great.

The cello professional, Angharad, was in and out all day to help me with bows, cellos, and cases, she was always not far off when I needed her and let me be in peace when I didn’t. Chris helped me with wolfnote devices and advice on bridge setting, and let me play several wooden cellos in my range and some way out of my league for comparison. For someone who had only ever played student cellos, this was amazing.

I was considering buying a cello from Cardiff without seeing it, if I did not get a few days away, as they said they will ship, especially in circumstances like mine, and after being there I would be happy buying an instrument from them prior to seeing it. However I am so glad I had the experience I had, and the knowledge I gained from the day at the shop, if you can get there, I highly recommend it.

Regarding the Luis and Clark – I am really impressed, it is perfect for someone in my situation, it sounds great, is weather durable, rugged, but still plays like a similarly priced wooden instrument, and I have to say, looks cool on stage for jazz and rock. I always thought it was retail jargon that if you buy a better instrument, your playing will improve to match it, but so far, I am finding at least my practice has improved immensely, I can now play without the limitations of my student cello, and I’ve managed to resurrect a few pieces I’d given up on as not being able to play well. The resonation is so much better, and it is much easier to get a good sound. I am extremely happy with the instrument I now have.

We were only at Cardiff for a couple of days, but we made some friends, I found a great instrument and learnt a great deal, and we definitely want to go back.