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Ginny Small

I needed to buy a new cello because I had outgrown my ¾, so needed a full size. When we arrived at Cardiff Violins, Cécile was very helpful and friendly and I was given very good help and advice. Angharad played a few cellos for me so I could hear them and so I could see what they could do. I also played them all myself. Angharad told me which instruments she preferred and also changed many strings for me to see if that helped. It took roughly 2  1/2 hours for me to decide, as there were so many! It was brilliant because we were able to take the cello home on “trial”. Angharad also gave us lots of advice and help in choosing a bow and case. I was very happy but mostly excited when I left the shop! It was a wonderful experience and with Angharad’s help, I chose the right cello first time!