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Kate Fitzgibbon

Cardiff Violins did a terrific job transforming my violin bow from an exploited one to a humane one. I am delighted with the Coruss hair which must have the right rosin incidentally: Evah Pirazzi Gold that is. The bone tip was removed from my bow as was the mother of pearl which was replaced with black ebony wood. We do not need animal products so why use them when they are always a source of exploitation and torment, and yes this includes horse hair which generally comes from China with the horses ending up in the same old slaughterhouse. I am delighted with the bow sound and I cannot see any reason, even putting the paramount importance of ethics aside, why horse hair would be preferable. Also this idea that horse hair is the ‘real thing’ is simply ignorant nonsense. I find most people who say this have never even tried or tested or listened to Coruss hair and have no intention to do so: they are simply prejudiced. Please use Coruss hair and more importantly please be vegan. The world is vegan if you want it.