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David John

Proper stringed instrument shops are becoming an increasing rarity in the UK – foreign competition and the growth in online shopping have transformed the market-place so it’s gratifying to know that the traditional violin shop is alive and well in Cardiff.

At Cardiff Violins, knowledge and expertise are combined with friendly enthusiasm to create an environment for providing good advice and making satisfying purchases. Whether you’re a student or a professional musician, the team will always find time to listen to your needs, explain the options and assist in making the most appropriate choices. The stock of instruments is rich and fascinating, including examples of the finest work, past and present. Chris and Cecile also have a knack for selecting outstanding support staff – invariably talented young musicians who bring their own flair and charm to the business.

Apart from the abundance of practical benefits at Cardiff Violins, there is an extra, less obvious, bonus in visiting the premises – the enjoyment of its artistic ambiance. With a little imagination, the place might feel like Vuillaume’s Paris salon – a centre for violin enthusiasts; or maybe one would not be surprised to see David Laurie calling in on his return from a trip to St Petersburg, bringing a case of Strads and Guadagninis – certainly the old masters would feel comfortable here and in good company.