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Lucy Rivers

I recently purchased a new violin at Cardiff Violins after finally admitting that my very old one was becoming too delicate and wasn’t fit for harsh stage lighting or long-haul travel.  It was a difficult decision as I knew that this new violin would become my main playing instrument and considering my relatively small budget I didn’t think I’d find anything I loved anywhere.  However, I couldn’t believe the high-quality sound of the violins that Chris had to offer.  After spending a few weeks trying out and taking home various fiddles, I finally settled on a top range Chinese violin that Chris tinkered with to get the sound just how I like it.  Chris and Cecile are always very friendly, patient, and giving of their time and advice even when you know they have a very busy business to run.

Since then I’ve played on a number of folk gigs and theatre shows and on each one the instrument has sounded warm, rounded and a pleasure to play.   I’ve been coming to Cardiff Violins for over 20 years and their expertise, knowledge, welcoming and helpful service make each visit a great experience.  Thank you.