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Dawn Zalas

Dear Cecile and Chris, I would like to thank you both for your time, patience and very valuable knowledge when Joe, Andy and I visited Cardiff Violins a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know what to expect when we travelled from Lincoln early Friday morning. As soon as I entered the shop I knew we would be coming away with a lovely violin.

Angharad showed us into a room of which there must have been a hundred with a few hand-picked on a table to start Joe off. However, we were told we could try each and everyone if we so wished! Joe then spent an hour or so trying and rejecting violins until there were four left. Angharad then very kindly played the violins for us so we could listen. Oh, she played beautifully – I could have stayed and listened for another hour or so!

It was decided that we would return the next day to play the four again and make a final decision. The violin room was duly booked for the next day and we arrived slightly early. Yet again this was no problem and the violins went through their paces. It was agreed that we would sit and listen to the violins being played away from our sight. Joe from the workshop played the violins (again an amazing talent) and we were down from four to three. After a further blind test the resultant violin was chosen. We had a lovely time, we never felt rushed, nothing was too much trouble and we were expertly managed. There will always be a good violin at a price you can afford at Cardiff Violins. I thoroughly recommend them. Thank you.