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Mladen Spasinovici

I just returned from a tour with Philharmonie der Nationen conducted by Justus Frantz. Every since 25th of April 2013 when my Luis & Clark carbon fiber cello arrived, I must tell you that I constantly played my cello and I love it! This cello was delivered by DHL at their office nearby Otopeni Airport. They told me that they will bring the cello to my house the next day, or I can take it myself in the next hour. I had three hours before rehearsal at the Opera House, so I “flew” with my car and took the cello myself.

When I first open the shipping box of the cello I couldn’t believe my eyes and my ears also… It looked so luxurious and shiny, and when I plucked the strings, I was amazed because it was pitched tuned 440 Hz. The big moment of the box opening was inside the Opera House. In 10 minutes a lot of singers and conductors gathered near me. They were very surprised by the warm and qualitative sound. All cellists that were there tried it and told me it’s incredible! I was also surprised by its popularity.

On August 17th, I played my Luis & Clark cello in front of a numerous jury, and I won the position of the principal solo cello of National Opera of Bucharest.

A few days ago, an inattentive colleague from the Opera hit severely the back of my cello with the scroll of his cello. I was surprised again: not a single scratch! It could have been “good bye” for a regular wooden cello, but not for my enduring Luis & Clark cello.

Now I can tell you that a Luis & Clark cello is worth every cent. It sounds just like a 20,000 euro wooden cello and I highly recommend them to every cellist in the world!