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The Petfield Family

Purchasing George’s violin was a wonderful experience enjoyed by the whole family. Magda and Cécile ensured that our afternoon spent at Cardiff Violins was a highly successful one, where we were able to purchase a beautiful instrument for George, which was clearly of a far superior quality compared to anything seen previously. The environment and pleasant ambience of the premises lends itself perfectly to the occasion and allows you to easily concentrate on the matter in hand without distraction. George was able to play each violin in turn, (including a duet with Magda) until he was satisfied, beyond doubt, that he had found his favourite. Each part of the whole process was taken as carefully as the last; whether it was selecting the violin itself, or the shoulder rest, bow and case. A welcome benefit was that the purchase was aided by the ‘Assistance Purchase Scheme’, which enabled us to save on all the VAT for the sake of two minutes spent filling out a brief form that accompanied our payment. Most importantly George loves his new violin to bits and plays it at any opportunity. The difference in his playing is obvious and makes us all wonder how he managed so well previously? Thanks again for all your help and we look forward to seeing you soon.