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Nicholas Thompson

As a student, I was borrowing the University’s Baroque violin and bow, which was of fairly basic quality. As I progressed, I wanted to purchase my own, looking for something of great quality. After giving up many days for travelling and trying out over 17 different Baroque violins, I came to the conclusion, with a second opinion from my teacher, that this wonderful 18th century Scottish violin was ‘the one’.  I would like to thank Cardiff Violins, in particular Chris and Cécile, for such a friendly and helpful service. My parents and I received a very warm welcome and were given some expert advice on what to look for in an instrument and information on prices. I was given time and space to try out the violins they had on offer, and assistance was there when required.  What particularly impressed me was the after-sales customer service. Having just bought a very recently, beautifully made bow from the famous French maker, Monique Poullot, I encountered a slight problem with it, and Chris explained to me how to overcome it, and it has been absolutely fine since. Even after that, I received numerous phone calls ensuring that everything was in working order and to my satisfaction. Once again, I would like to thank Cardiff Violins for their excellent service, and that I am extremely content with my purchases!