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Shay Kurz

Cheers from Alaska, it’s been a while! My mother’s birthday FINALLY arrived and nobody in my family could wait until I gave her the cello. I cannot even begin to try and tell you the reaction I got. No tears, but she kept starting sentences and then cutting herself off to point out another feature to her cello. She absolutely loves it and has promptly named it ‘Bella’. She also had to immediately tune and then play her two favourite songs that she’s learned from our local orchestra. Since her birthday, (which was on Monday), she’s been to orchestra practice and was the envy of all the string section! So thank you so much Cecile, you’ve been the source of a happy Alaskan mommy!! I hope your year has been fruitful and full of joy. Thank you again for all your help with the cello. Much love, Shay.