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Michael Edwards

Thank you very much for carrying out such excellent work on my viola and bow. I had a suspicion that the viola was not sounding as well as it could and put it down to the fact that I have not played it much over the last year due to illness.

I was very pleased, indeed surprised, to hear how much the sound and playing quality have improved considering I had only asked for it to be checked over. Of course, the re-hairing of the bow helps, but the sound of the viola has been transformed with a lovely warm full sound and it is much easier to play.

I was so thrilled with its sound that I was encouraged to do some practice for the first time in over a year, and to enter myself in a musical evening last night playing a short duet with a flautist, and arrangement of Cesar Frank’s Panis Angelicus. We will also be performing it next week at a Holy Week Service. The performance last night went very well and I was congratulated on the fine sound of the C string in the lower register.

Thank you for all the help and assistance you provide to string players both near and far, and I look forward to seeing you again.