Arcus Cadenza violin bow, gold mounted.

Arcus Cadenza violin bow, gold mounted.


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The conception of Arcus bows probably represents the most revolutionary change in bow making and string playing in centuries. With their radical looks, incredible lightness, and innovative construction, their amazing  playability may come as a surprise, but try them and you will see why many professional musicians have switched to an Arcus bow, not only for the wonderful sound they produce, but for the elimination of pain & fatigue.

Traditional wooden and carbon fibre bows vibrate at a frequency of 15-20 Hz.  This inaudible resonance is believed to be one of the causes of fatigue and chronic pain in the bow arm of string players.  Arcus bows are tuned to 50-60 Hz.  Many musicians no longer experience pain or discomfort after using an Arcus as their main bow.

Unlike most other carbon fibre bows, Arcus use a hollow stick : very difficult to produce, but the remarkable clarity, projection of sound and  responsiveness of the stick justifies the means.  The stick is also scratch proof and incredibly firm. This is due to Arcus’ special carbon fibre formulation which uses the absolute minimum of epoxy.

We believe that in our role as distributors, it is just as important to encourage innovation, experimentation and progression as it is to honour and celebrate tradition.  Bows such as Arcus exemplify this point. Due to their characteristics and their place as a milestone in the history of bows, we consider the original ones as historical, the same way Benoit Rolland's revolutionary Spiccato bows were when they were developed in the 1990's.

We are therefore delighted to be able to offer one of the early Arcus bows, the gold-mounted 'Cadenza', highly acclaimed by players at the highest level. The picture shown here is from the Arcus site. Our Arcus is the same but the thumbgrip has been replaced with black leather.

We highly recommend to come and try it. Please call us on 029 20 22 77 61 to book an appointment.

We also have the original brochure presenting these revolutionary bows :

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Stick : Carbon-fibre
Tip: gold
Lap: black leather and gold thread
thumbgrip: black leather
frog : rosewood with gold ring
Eye: mother-of-pearl
Button : gold with rosewood strip

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