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I just wanted to tell you how amazed I am with the Coruss hair! I feel it sounds really nice and is very responsive and easy to play with.

Christian, Germany

The package had arrived two weeks ago and it took me a long time to find a violin maker who agreed to replace horse hair with synthetic hair.  Although, I did find someone at last, and he rehaired my bow.  Up to now, I played with it a few times, and I absolutely love it!  It feels the same as horse hair and It looks amazing!

שחר Shacharb, Israel

Having had a very high-quality bow rehaired with Coruss I have fallen in love with my violin’s sound again. This new hair has enriched my palette of sound colours and given me more scope for refinement of articulation. With Coruss I can do more in less bow and this is extremely exciting for me. I thoroughly recommend Coruss to all players!

Matthew Crisp, London

I have a big problem with horse hair because it breaks a lot. It's probably partially my fault because I like to produce a strong sound and I also play virtuoso programme a lot. That's why I have to rehair my bow every month, sometimes even more. It is really expensive and takes a lot of time. Fortunately, if Coruss hair doesn't break so easily (it didn't break so far), I think I found a solution. I have to admit that I was little concerned about the sound quality but when I tried it I was positively surprised. It's better than I expected! It produces solid sound immediately as I touch the strings. And the sound is pretty strong.

Marija Lalović, Croatia
Zagreb Academy of Music

They are super durable, and I haven’t broken a single hair since I got them (and I used to break a lot!). What is really super about them is that they have all the qualities needed for playing more conventional as well… I will recommend Coruss bow hair to every player I meet, regardless of playing style!!!

Christian Meaas Svendsen, Norway
Double Bassist

I suppose in the same way that some excellent bows simply don’t work with some excellent violins – this might not be a solution for all outfits – but with its consistency, longevity and excellent value [Coruss is] definitely worth a try.

Oli Wilson-Dickson, Cardiff
ALAW, Jamie Smith’s Mabon, The Devil’s Violin

I get more sound without working so hard… the response [is] better, the notes are more immediate.

Tim Older, Cardiff
Double-Bassist, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

The Coruss hair is really great and we love the strong sound it has produced. It’s also nice to know, no harm has been done to animals in its making!

Sheku and Braimah Kanneh-Mason, Nottingham
Winner of BBC Young Musician Of the Year and Professional Violinist