Modern copy of violin bow by George Leon Thibouville-Lamy

Modern copy of violin bow by George Leon Thibouville-Lamy


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Stick: Round Pernambuco
Tip: Synthetic
Lap: French Silk
Thumbgrip: Leather
Frog: Ebony
Mountings: Silver
Eye: Mother-of-Pearl with Silver ring
Slide: Mother-of-Pearl
Button: Silver with Ebony band
Weight: 63g

Supplied with bow case and certificate 

Each bow blank is selected from a coveted stock of the finest 20-year seasoned Pernambuco which is first tested for resonance and elasticity using a Lucchi Meter. Only blanks achieving a rating over 5300 make the necessary grade for J.Thibouville-Lamy bows, with pieces of this resonant quality being few and far between. This meticulous grading process ensures that only the very finest sticks are selected for our very finest bows.

Bow frogs are cut from fine Burmese Ebony and hand-finished with ‘925’ sterling silver fittings; the grips are made of the softest leather and wound with ‘925’ Silver wire; and the bow hair is unbleached, Mongolian horsetail, prized for its thickness and strength.

Each of the J.Thibouville-Lamy bows is handmade by a Master Luthier in Suzhou, China and supplied in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. 


About George Leon Lamy:

George Leon Lamy was the youngest son of Joseph Alfred Lamy (Lamy Père), and brother of Hippolyte Camille Lamy. Born in 1881, George worked in his father’s Paris workshop until being sent into battle in the First World War. Sadly, George died of battle wounds 1915, cutting short what is said to have been a very promising career continuing his family’s now much-famed skill.

His style is very close to that of his father’s which in turn was heavily influenced by Voirin and ultimately Vuillaume. Original bows made by George Leon are very highly regarded, although somewhat rare with the added complication of George using his father’s ‘A LAMY À PARIS’’ stamp.

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