Maestro Archetier Carbon Fibre Supreme Violin Bow

Maestro Archetier Carbon Fibre Supreme Violin Bow

£260.00 - £350.00

(inc. VAT)

(exc. VAT)
Carbon fibre bows possess a distinct advantage over wooden bows due to the material's resistance to changes in temperature and humidity.  Whereas wooden bows are prone to snap or warp, carbon fibre is a remarkably durable material, making a carbon fibre bow a worthwhile investment for travelling musicians.

Maestro Archetier's carbon fibre range of bows is significantly higher in quality than many others at this price range, with a camber specially designed by the school's master bow makers.  The bows are graded to meet the needs of players at different levels.

The Supreme model is so incredibly responsive it possesses an almost electrical aliveness, but it is perfectly tempered by the precision and control that is typical of bows from the Maestro Archetier atelier.  This bow will very noticeably enhance your instrument's tone.  This bow performs like a much more expensive Pernambuco bow, and is therefore recommended for more advanced students, or professionals seeking a high quality second bow.


  • Stamped 'Maestro Archetier'

  • Round stick constructed from premium grade carbon fibre with wooden veneer

  • Extraordinarily strong stick

  • Highly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity

  • Solid sterling silver or nickel mounted ebony frog inlaid with a mother of pearl or fleur de lis eye

  • Solid silver or nickel lapping

  • Leather thumbgrip (guaranteed reptile-free)

  • Three part solid silver or nickel adjuster inlaid with a mother of pearl eye

  • Quality Mongolian horse hair

  • Weight: 60-63.5g (same weight as a wooden bow)