Guarneri High Chin Rest For Violin

Guarneri High Chin Rest For Violin


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Left Corner: 33mm
Centre of middle: 33mm
Right corner: 33mm

The Guarneri high chin rest is 14mm taller than the standard Guarneri chin rest.

Musicians with long necks or with aches and pains due to posture often tend to adjust their shoulder-rest to higher settings. This can actually cause more physical pain, as the violin then has to be held even higher, causing more fatigue, strain, and repetitive injuries. It is a lot more comfortable to use a high chin-rest and keep the shoulder-rest low, hence producing a more relaxed posture, which translates into better comfort, better sound, and a more enjoyable experience all together!

We recommend visiting the shop to assess how our chin rests fit (unless you are already familiar with the different models). Chin-rest fitting appointments cost £20 for the first half-hour and £10 for each following half-hour (or £ 5 for every fifteen minutes).  Please call 02920 22 77 61 to book an appointment.

Trial box scheme

If you are unable to visit the shop for an appointment we offer a high chin-rest trial box scheme. Order any quantity of high chin-rests from our online shop (limited to one per model) or call us on 02920 227761 and we will post them to you immediately. All chin-rests returned to us will be refunded.  Please note the time limit to return them is strictly two weeks.  Postage costs won’t be refunded. If you’re ordering from outside of the UK please contact us via email to order at, and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that the chin-rests return to us safely, as we will not refund anything lost in the post. Sending them via registered post, or signed and tracked with compensation ensures you won’t risk losing money.


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