Benjamin Banks Violin, 1794

Benjamin Banks Violin, 1794


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Violin by Benjamin Banks.

This violin comes with a certificate from Benjamin Hebbert with the following text:

In my opinion the violin illustrated is a fine English example by Benjamin Banks, made in Salisbury in 1794. It is signed internally on the belly "Made by Benjn Banks / 1794", and a later label has been put into the instrument to display the inscription and provide a reference to its position.

The soundholes of the violin indicate that it is derived from a Stainer model, but the instrument is much broader and more generously arched than we expect to see for this type of pattern and is a merger between Stainer and the grand pattern of Nicolo Amati, representing an original design of Banks based on the models that he already had a reputation for making.

Benjamin Banks died in 195. As research emerges, there is a possibility of identifying the hands of Benjamin Banks II in this instrument who we now believe to have been responsible for some of the finer workmanship late in the Banks shop at Salisbury, but this has no bearing on the value of the instrument. Banks earned the reputation as the "English Amati" and this instrument is of the quality that earned him that praise. The violin is in good condition, the pegbox but not the scroll is a replacement.

See certificate by Benjamin Hebbert : Benjamin Banks certificate

Labelled “Made by Benj.m Banks, 1774”