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Eric graduated with an Upper Merit from the Newark School of Violinmaking in 2006 where he was awarded the Benslow Music Trust Prize for his final year test instrument.  After graduation, Eric moved from Central Scotland to the Outer Hebridean Island of North Uist where he makes violins, violas and cellos from his new, purpose-built workshop.

Eric emulates the aesthetic of the great Cremonese masters when crafting his instruments.  He uses only the highest quality wood for his instruments, which he selects personally from tonewood suppliers in Italy (spruce) and across Europe (maple/sycamore), and occasionally he sources wood from the UK. All wood he purchases is well-aged and left to stabilise in his workshop for years before use.  Eric’s instruments are varnished with an oil varnish he developed, and are set-up using boxwood or rosewood fittings.

Eric is a member of the British Violin Makers Association (BVMA) and an active member of Violin Makers Scotland where, along with other top Scottish makers, he regularly displays and promotes Scottish instrument making at events across the UK.

See one of Eric’s violin here.


What a marvellous instrument. I’m so glad I travelled all the way from the Middle East to Cardiff to play your wonderful violin.  Having played in orchestras from the age of  7, I went on to lead most orchestras I played in right through my Masters of Music degree to now, in Doha, where I lead the Doha Community Orchestra whilst at the same time act as Head of Music at Doha College, Doha Qatar.  Having extracted every bit of sound of my old violin it was time for an upgrade. I had no idea new violins could sound this good.  In fact, it was so good my partner (a cellist) was so impressed with the violin sound that he played your cello and didn’t want to play another after hearing it (he’s now saving up).  Recently we had the Williams Formula 1 team visit school and so I include a link to the You Tube clip, it’s not my recording but I was playing the Bach! When they send me the photo I will pass a copy on to yourself too. Kind regards.
Katrina Elliman,
Doha Community Orchestra, Qatar

Over the past several years I have been a customer of Cardiff Violins both for the purchase of instruments and for repair/restoration work.   They have always provided unparalleled service in both these areas.  Ever patient and willing to give all the time necessary for the trying of instruments and for their adjustment/setup, it has been a pleasure to spend time in the shop.  It is particularly welcome that instruments are competitively priced, as are workshop charges.

My most recent acquisition is a fine violin by Eric Jackson.  This is a superbly built instrument, modelled on Guarneri.  The violin would, I am confident, meet the requirements of any player seeking a responsive instrument, wonderfully even across the four strings, and possessing all the power and projection needed for anything the violinist is likely to encounter in their musical lives, whether they be amateur or professional.  I was very impressed on first handling the instrument but even more so when some further adjustment in the shop brought out even more of the violin’s undoubted quality.


Very good to be able to recommend Cardiff Violins unreservedly.

Robert Smith, South Wales