David Milward

A graduate of the Welsh School of Musical Instrument Making, David Milward is an experienced British Luthier and Specialist Viola Maker. His particular interest and curiosity for the viola led to his development of a highly original personal viola pattern from which he is now able to produce a broad range of sizes of Viola. Visit Cardiff Violins for a chance to play his 'Modern Viola'.

“Modern viola design should, whilst maintaining the unity of form of the traditional violin family, respond to the demands of the player engaged in today’s performance environment.”



A recent comment made by one of the leading international violin houses. “Milward is regarded as one of the best viola makers in the UK”

“The viola has surpassed even my most extravagant expectations. It is a great instrument.” Ross Cohen, Absolute Zero Viola Quartet, Cardiff

“Milward violas are being played professionally in orchestras all over the world because of their consistent tone and tremendous reliability.” Richard Crabtree Prof of Viola Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance