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I am loving the violin and have had a go (required) at tuning it – the pegs are excellent – a far throw from my student instrument.  I can hear the sound interval when moving the pegs and am having reasonable results when checking with my tuner – great crash course from Chris!  Having such a beautiful violin is going to be a great learning aid for me, I feel it leads me, I am so fortunate to have it.  Big big thanks to Cecile and Chris!

Janice Blackiston, Haverfordwest

I’m Allegra, I come from Italy and I’m 17 years old. I've played the violin since I was 9 years old but there was a moment when I’ve thought that it wasn’t to be my way. I’ve been so lucky to attend for a couple of years the LMFL International Summer music courses in Landovery, in Andorra, and in Cadeillan as well. So I’ve met my wonderful teacher, prof. Crabtree as well as Arlette Herrenschmidt,  director of the LMFL, both of them,  but Prof. Crabtree in particular, helped me to understand better my potential and what music meant for me. My professor, last summer,  suggested I try the viola, I was so keen but also a bit afraid of the instrument cause it meant a new beginning and I was feeling a bit blue and frustrated having spent so many years with the violin. Prof. Crabtree chose the instrument in your store and I was so excited when I received it in Italy before last Christmas. Such a wonderful instrument, the sound is melodious and light as a river’s flow, I feel the warmth and the sweetness of this viola, I really love playing it. I practice every day and twice a week, through skype I have lessons with my teacher, and I feel the viola almost as a part of me. I think that I didn’t choose this instrument but it did choose me and it has overwhelmed me as well. When I play it there are good as well as bad moments, and my very patient teacher knows it well, sometimes it’s difficult, I feel like I’m not good enough but then I know that I have my special instrument that helps me fight all my music and life’s difficulties.

Allegra Gaspardis, Italy

If you would like to take your hard earned cash (or well deserved loan) to a dealer who might be pompous, have his heart only half in his job, know little about the craft and the musicians he serves, then do not go to Cardiff Violins. Buying an instrument is a very emotional, unique and often lengthy process. To be treated with respect whilst being shown great patience is a rarity and I had this in abundance whilst dealing with Cécile. Cardiff Violins was recommended to me by a colleague and after several lengthy and very informative telephone conversations with Cécile I bought a wonderful Benôit Rolland bow and Bam violin case. Cecile impressed me with her knowledge about the makers and their bows and spent a long time discussing them with me. Nothing is too much trouble for her. I could not recommend Cardiff Violins highly enough.

Chereene Allen
No. 5 1st Violin BBC Concert Orchestra

I must thank Cécile Limon and the Cardiff Violins team for their sense of service.  I bought my bow (Viola Spiccato Solo, Benoît Rolland) without coming to the shop.  Cécile gave me the needed time to try it on stage and answered all my questions with rapidity and professionalism.  I must say I have not been disadvantaged by the distance to make my choice, on the contrary.  I warmly recommend Cécile and her team.  And many thanks: this bow is simply amazing!

Samuel Bossart, Belgium
1st viola in a surrealistic funfare

I’m still completely in love with my beautiful violin after all these years, and it seems to get better and better each year! I’m so grateful for your help when I first bought it, and I’m so glad I found it, as I can’t imagine ever having a different instrument.

Sarah Eales, Bristol
Freelance Violinist, Teacher & Leader/Administrator of the Ardeton String Quartet

It's here! I have never been so excited, I even cancelled a hair appointment as I wanted to be here when it arrived. I have only played a few notes... what an amazing wonderful sound, I cannot believe the difference. The sweetest sound, and it is mine! I had to stop to write this to let you know how fabulous this is to me. I have tears in my eyes because I never thought I could find such a lovely violin, with such a wonderful tone, let alone own one. The bow too feels perfect in my hand, I used to judder slightly, but don't seem to now, it has such a great balance to it. I have only been playing for 6 weeks now, I find it hard but so rewarding. This violin makes me just know inside that I will learn how to play it well, no matter how hard or how long it takes. It makes me feel so happy and alive that no matter how hard or sad things sometimes get, this violin will lift and inspire me. I don't know if this all sounds over the top, but it isn't to me, it is the most fabulous day for many a year and will affect me for many to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You knew what I needed Cecile and you have made sure I got it.

Jan Tyrrell, Kent

Nothing was too much trouble for Chris and Cecile at Cardiff Violins.  From the initial phone enquiry late on a busy Saturday afternoon to the final purchase, they couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly.  They even organised Angharad, a postgraduate music student, to play numerous cellos for me, when I visited, so that I could judge the quality of sound production of each instrument.  The service didn’t end there, either.  They asked the previous owner to provide detailed provenance of my cello, including photographs of William Smith’s signature inside.  I know that this excellent service will continue for my cello’s future needs, too. Thank you, Chris and Cecile, for introducing me to the “love” of my musical life.  It has opened up unimagined possibilities in my music making.  I feel that I have, at last, found my voice.

Jenny Wigram
Amateur Cellist, Torbay Symphony Orchestra

Thanks so much for your amazing service. Violin case has reached me and been put swiftly into service, at which it has excelled. I'm leaving the country to go travelling in South America – I move out of my house tomorrow, and everything is hectic. So your speed, kindness and efficiency were particularly welcome. I've been buying lots of things and having them delivered, from bike parts to base layers, and your service has stood out.

Ruth Jarvis, London