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John Langstaffe graduated from the Newark School of Violin Making in 1989 and has been working as a professional violin maker ever since.  His acclaimed instruments are played by musicians from many orchestras, both professional and amateur, as well as a large number of chamber ensembles and soloists.

The tone of John’s instruments has been likened to the tone of instruments of the old Italian master makers by many who have tried them, including Belgian gypsy jazz violinist, Tcha Limberger.  His instruments produce a sound that is clear and focused, imbued with shimmering overtones.  Musicians who have played John’s instruments have said the sound possesses a great deal of ‘soul’, and that the instruments project well without being excessively loud.  The well known soloist and chamber musician, Peter Mountain, after judging a competition won by a musician playing a Langstaffe sixteen and a half inch viola said, “this is the best sounding modern viola I have ever heard”.

See one of John’s violas here.