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Although Don Tatem is by far the most prolific violin maker we have come across, he remains very discreet and modest, despite the fact that he also happens to be our very best seller amongst all our new violin makers. He started making instruments around 1970, turned professional in 1973 and made over 600 instruments, mostly violins and violas, but also cellos, pellegrinas, quintolas, octolas, a crwth and about 80 classical guitars! He retired in 2008.  Don’s instruments are particularly loved for their strength of sound, their clarity and warmth. They have many times sold in front of much more expensive instruments. We strongly recommend you try them!

Jonathan Hill bought a Don Tatem violin a few years ago and has since played it in thousands of concerts. He is pictured here playing a Don Tatem “Pellegrina” viola, that has the sound of a viola but the string length of a violin. The perfect viola for a violinist! The Pellegrina viola was originally designed by American violin maker David Rivinus. Don’s viola is based on the same model as David’s one, although not an exact copy.

We hold a large stock of Don’s violins and violas, as well as a cello, and several Pellegrinas! Enthusiastic players ranging from intermediate students to professional players play Don’s instruments, and we get calls from all over the country and abroad from people specifically wanting a Don Tatem instrument.


See Don’s violins here.

See Don’s violas here.

See Don’s last cello 






Please call us on 029 20 22 77 61 to book an appointment and come and try Don’s excellent instruments!