Violinist In Balance/Artist In Balance

The Violinist In Balance website is the product of a two year research project intending to discover if there is a link between recurrent technical problems and years of playing with ill-fitting equipment. The research team at Utrecht Conservatory took a group of violinists and violists and provided them with frequent opportunities to test adjusted or new equipment as well as receiving tuition in the Alexander Technique. The researchers discovered that the majority of violinists and violists were still using the chinrest that had been provided with their violin, as many did not have an effective criteria with which to assess the suitablility of different models. The team designed tools such as the Chinrest Testing Kit, to educate the players on how to make the best selection themselves. Participants were also provided with modified versions of commercial chinrests and shoulder rests in order to make them more compatible with the players unique build.

The site chronicles the experiences of the players and the conclusions made by the researchers.  It features extensive information on how to select appropriate chin rests and shoulder rests, as well as advise on modifying posture and technique.   The newly created Artist In Balance website features the latest information regarding the project, information regarding soon to be available products manufactured by the team, as well as recommended products by other manufacturers.  


Cardiff Violins share the above for informational purposes only and can't verify the accuracy nor efficacy of the information, nor do we accept any responsibility for the consequences of its