Sound Choice Vegan Bows

Our website isn't currently set-up for international orders, however we do ship internationally and accept payment via PayPal.  Please send your order details, name, address, phone number and email address to, and we will send your invoice via PayPal.  If you're unable to use PayPal, please call +442920 22 77 61 to make a payment by phone.  Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive confirmation of payment.

Click here to read a review from Nicole Wilson (Principal freelance violinist in London, ex London Symphony Orchestra and English National Opera, and founder of Musical Orbit.)

"The Coruss hair is really great and we love the strong sound it has produced. It's also nice to know, no harm has been done to animals in its making!"
Sheku (BBC Young Musician Of The Year 2016) and Braimah Kanneh- Mason

"My vegan cello bow has arrived safe and sound…thank you for packing it so carefully.  As soon as I picked up my new bow, I could feel that it was an improvement over my old bow….All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. It is a delight to be able to buy a truly vegan bow. Thank you very much for your excellent service, and for my super cello bow."
Julia Dealhoy

"The bows are great! I've been playing with them for a couple days now, and they're a joy to use. The hair is so much nicer than other synthetic versions I've tried, and I love the weight and the feel of the bows themselves. Thank you so much for creating them!"
Stacey Morin, Cambridge, USA

"Thank you so much for my new ‘vegan bow’! It has a lovely weighting and the hair has a good grip on the strings with no squeaking at all, as is sometimes the complaint with synthetic hair. It’s definitely comparable in tone production quality to my current wood/horsehair bow, such that I’ll definitely get my bows rehaired in future with animal-friendly Coruss at Cardiff Violins. Thank you too for providing an efficient and friendly service. I’ve told all my fiddle-playing vegan friends about you :-)"
Heather Fenoughty, Sheffield

Thanks to Magdalena Cieslak & Forbesfield  MMXII Floral design for the photos