Paul Bowers

Paul Bowers is an active member of Violin Makers Scotland and is regarded as one of Britain’s finest violin makers and restorers. He graduated with distinction from the Newark International Violin making School and has since won many awards in major violin making competitions.

Paul's work is inspired by the great traditions, design principles and workshop practices of 17th and 18th century Italian violin making. His ultimate aim, however, is to create instruments for today's musicians. His instruments are modern in their look with a smooth deep varnish. They have a rich and colourful timbre throughout their range, an ease of response, evenness across the strings, and distinguishable power and projection that is adored by musicians all over the world.

Paul Bowers uses only the finest quality European spruce and Bosnian maple in the construction of his instruments. This is obtained as rift cut wedges from specialist suppliers and is slowly air dried over several years to ensure stability. The great advantages of purchasing a new instrument include its pristine condition, known origin and maker and also the price, as it does not include any inflated mark up for an antique value it has yet to acquire.


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