Ladislav Prokop

We are delighted to add the instruments of Ladislav Prokop to our collection of instruments by new makers.  Ladislav has been making and restoring stringed instruments for over 20 years, in the great instrument-making tradition of his family.  Established in London (where he also repairs violins, violas and cellos, as well as repairing and rehairing bows),  Ladislav provides instruments of premier quality, both enjoyable to play and a pleasure to listen to.  Ladislav aims to continue the fine craftsmanship of the great luthiers, and to please even the most discerning of customers, whilst making instruments that are affordable and accessible.

Ladislav's methods are based upon understanding and utilising the principle techniques of the 18th century luthiers, to create instruments rich in sound, power, and responsiveness, with an appealing appearance.  After many years of refining his skills, Ladislav met Keith Hill, who taught Ladislav all he needed to know to produce instruments of increasingly superior quality, and he continues to mentor and support Ladislav today.


"When I first tried my own Prokop, I thought, 'This is the violin for me!' After a lifetime of playing indifferent instruments, Lada Prokop's violin came as a revelation, so responsive was it, so powerful and full the tone, so sweet and brilliant in the upper registers. These qualities in a new instrument were remarkable enough [it was then only two months old], but now, after several years of playing, I continue to discover new depths to the sound, and further nuances possible between string and bow. Anyone who has heard me play on this instrument has commented on its remarkable sound, and I have no doubt that I shall be playing on it for many years to come."

Robin Richards

"Absolutely great service. Ladislav provide the best re-hair and he is always very kind and friendly. It is pleasure to come to his workshop. Thank you"

Nazrin Rashidova

The Prokop Family Tree

Ladislav Prokop comes from a long line of instrument makers.  Please see the Gallery below for his family tree.

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