Violas for Intermediate Players

As students progress through the viola grades, they hone and develop a new musical awareness and perception.  As this happens, they will probably discover the limitations within their first instrument.  A beginner's instrument does not claim to be a 'forever' instrument; it just allows you to start learning music without costing too much.

Often students advancing to Viola Grade 5, Viola Grade 6, Viola Grade 7 and Viola Grade 8 will be ready to change.  When the time comes to look for a better instrument, it is wise to make your choice from as wide a selection of instruments as possible, thereby enabling you to test one instrument against another within the same acoustic. This will greatly assist you in matching the instrument’s character with your tonal requirements.

We may be able to part-exchange your first instrument, so do bring it in!  Also bring along some of your music, preferably not too difficult, to enable you to concentrate on the instruments rather than on the music.

We upgrade our violas to a standard that results in violas that are often superior to other brands such as Eastman Strings, Concertante, Young Master, Veracini, Preciso, Melodioso, Nobile, Elysia, Arcadia and Franz Sandner. Please read our Setting up for success article.

  • FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS: If you order online, our staff will carefully select the best viola available on the day of your order. Please do not order online if you can take advantage of the assisted purchase scheme that can save you the VAT!

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Other selected Violas

We also have a number of hand-picked violas, selected for the quality of their making and sound. They come in various sizes, and are well worth visiting the shop to try. Please call us on 029 20 22 77 61 for an appointment.

Antique and New Maker's Violas
We also have a selection of antique and new instruments that will suit students of intermediate to more advanced levels, starting from £ 1,000. To arrange an appointment to come and try some of these instruments or to make further enquiries, please call us on 029 20 22 77 61. Please note that antique violins CANNOT be purchased through the assisted purchase scheme.