Instrument Makers

This is our ever-growing list of instrument makers. Please be patient, if no feature shows up, we are waiting for the maker to give it to us, and will post it as soon as possible!



Nicholas Acons
Colin Adamson
Marion Bennardo
Paul Bowers
Colin Cross
Elià Fabré i Capdevila
Sylvain Deplace
ony Echavidre



Paul Harrild
Ian Highfield
Eric Jackson
Andrzej Kalata
John Langstaffe
Douglas MacArthur  
David Milward
Martin Morris
Anthony Perry

Ladislav Prokop
Julyan Rawlings
Ian Ross
Elspeth Rowe
Sebastien Seixas
Colin Tulloch
Don Tatem
Graham Wright
Wessex Violins

Also see our New Bow Makers page, and our Other Makers page for details of commission sale instruments.