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Selecting the correct chin-rest is very important for your health and technique.  We recommend visiting the shop to assess how each rest fits (unless you are already familiar with the different models).  Chin-rest fitting appointments cost £20 for the first half hour and £10 for each following half hour.  Please call 02920 22 77 61 to book an appointment.

Ohrenform Specifications

Left corner: 29mm
Centre of middle: 32mm
Right corner: 32mm

Extra High:
Left corner: 35mm
Middle: 38mm
Right corner: 38mm

Trial box scheme: 6 high violin chin-rests or 6 high viola chin-rests

If you are unable to visit us we offer a chin-rest trial box scheme.   Order up to 6 high chin-rests (Rounded Flesch, Teka, Ohrenform, Guarneri, Flesch & Cardiff Violins) which you will receive by post.  All chin-rests sent back to us will be refunded.  Postage costs won't be refunded, however they are significantly less than travel to and parking in Cardiff!

Violinists seeking to further optimise the fit of their chin-rest may want to read about the GelRest, a brilliantly designed gel pad that attaches to your chin-rest.  Increasingly popular, many players  "wonder how [they] ever played without it" as it has been reported to benefit pain in the back, jaw and neck as well as reduce fiddler's neck!  Click here to read more and order.

The site Violinist In Balance may provide you with some ideas on how to select and position a chin rest.  Click here to read more.

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Ohrenform Extra High Viola Chin-Rest
In Stock
£37.50 £45.00

Ohrenform Extra High Violin Chin-Rest
In Stock
£37.50 £45.00

Ohrenform High Viola Chin-Rest
In Stock
£33.33 £40.00

Ohrenform High Violin Chin-Rest
In Stock
£33.33 £40.00

Please don't buy online if you have lessons through your county music service and are eligible for the assisted purchase scheme, or if you wish to buy a 2nd hand instrument. Call us on 029 20 22 77 61 for more information instead!