Japanese Endpins

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These beautiful and innovative cello endpins come from Japan and represent a considerable advancement in terms of sound production.  A passion for studying metals led the inventor to conduct a series of experiments utilising various metals, intending to ascertain which had the most favourable effect on tone.  He discovered that pairing metals led to the most optimal result, creating a sound that is amplified, rounder and warmer.  Many who have purchased the endpins have saved a considerable amount of money , as the tonal enhancement achieved by finding the best endpin for their cello has saved them from needing to buy a new instrument!

"My choice (so far) is an endpin with an iron core surrounded by brass, made in Japan.  It allows my cello the most natural resonance, with clear overtones and harmonics, and offers the largest sound.  An impressive bonus is that compared with the pure steel endpin I used previously, the sound is less compromised when playing on surfaces such as stone, marble or plastic.

My conclusion is that the sound of the cello can clearly be adjusted to individual taste by the choice of endpin, and the change can be dramatic."

ROBERT COHEN: cellist, conductor, endpin experimenter

Before visiting the shop to try the endpins, please check your spike can be easily removed, as many have a retainer device to prevent them from falling out.  If this is the case, you are welcome to try the endpins on another cello.

Available combinations:

  • Brass & Iron    
  • Brass & Titanium   
  • Brass & Tungsten   

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Brass & Tungsten
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Brass & Titanium
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Brass & Iron
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