Colin Adamson

Colin AdamsonColin Adamson is a graduate of the Newark School of Violin Making and one of Scotland's best violin makers. He is a member of the British Violin Making Association and recently, has become a founding member of Violin Makers, Scotland.

He gained valuable experience handling many Italian and French instruments during his work in Helsinki, Finland and Weimar Germany. Subsequently, Colin's work is influenced by the classical period of violin making. He makes both 'copy' and 'new' instruments of the distinctive 17th century Italian Period to order. His success is reflected in the number of his instruments that can be found in the hands of professional musicians and students from around the world.

… And then that moment came. I had found the one! A cello by the Scottish maker, Colin Adamson, made in 2006. It was brilliant. I loved the sound, the feel and even the look! As much as looks shouldn’t really matter, it’s always a bonus if your chosen instrument is pleasant on the eye! It was beautiful in every way.

David Hornberger,

Colin takes great care and pride in personally selecting the best hand-picked maple for his instruments. He ensures the strongest figure and alpine spruce is present in order to enhance the the character and lightness that is required to produce a wonderful tonal range.

The varnish controls the resonance of each instrument in addition to protecting and enhancing the aesthetic look. It is made by using traditional gums, oils and pigments, which are applied to the wood.

Colin Adamson Colin Adamson Colin Adamson

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