Cellos for Beginner to Intermediate Players

Our range of beginner's outfits was designed with the intention of offering a collection of instruments that outperformed the poor quality beginners outfits we frequently receive in the shop for adjustment from exasperated parents totally at their wits ends, baffled as to why the instrument sounds so horrid and won't stay in tune!  Frankly, these instruments are carelessly set up, often with defective fittings.  Compared to our beginner's instrument outfits, poor quality instruments will produce an inferior tone, will be challenging to maintain, and will markedly slow the rate at which your child will progress, often causing the child to stop altogether, disheartened at their lack of progress, unfortunately often perceiving themselves to not "be musically talented".

All the following instruments are very suitable for beginner and intermediate pupils, and as they go up in price, the cellos get better to meet the child’s increasing abilities. Rather than rigidly say “you need to change your cello by grade 3”, we prefer to leave the decision to the players, so that whenever the time or circumstances feel right for them, their teacher or their parents, they can come back and enjoy selecting their next instrument.

Please do not forget that we will take your first instrument in part-exchange (if you have bought it from us and it is in good condition), so do bring it along!  If your first instrument was purchased somewhere else, we will try to help you by part-exchanging it, but cannot promise to do so, as it depends on the make and condition.

If you buy on-line, one of our assistants will select the best instrument available on the day.
If you would like a second-hand cello, please call us on 029 20 22 77 61 to check availability.

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