Antique 3/4 Cellos

When selecting an instrument for a child it is important to consider current ability, performance commitments, height and build, and in particular, long term aspirations.  Children who begin intensive study at an early age often require a high quality instrument when buying a 3/4, as  playing with national orchestras and ensembles, performing solos, and playing high level repertoire require a responsive instrument with significant projection and high quality tone.   A beautifully sonorous and powerful tone can also be extremely helpful in auditions!  The improved tonal quality and ease of playing afforded by a higher quality antique instrument often leads to increased enthusiasm and practice time, so the musician will often improve both the quantity and quality of their practice.  Generally, young musicians entering full time music school, or planning to become professional musicians are recommended to buy an instruments at the upper limits of their budgets.

On rare occasions we recommend 3/4 cellos to smaller adults when a 7/8 is too big.

Anyone seeking to buy a 3/4 antique cello or to see what we have available is welcome to visit the shop for as long as they need to try our stock with the assistance of our trained staff.  To book an appointment please call 029 20 227761.


A charming looking cello with a delightful sound!  Well repaired sound-post crack.  A semi-rigid case is supplied with the cello


Length of back: 704 mm.  Fingerboard length : 530 mm.  String length : 627 mm

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